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Freelance photographer located in Salem, Oregon.


"Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them"

David Hume



After 13 years of practice, I feel like my journey with photography is both age-old and just beginning. I started taking photos around age 9 after watching my dad take and sell his own landscape prints. I entered photographs into the county fair where I found a love for capturing and sharing beautiful moments. As the years have passed, what was once a fun pastime has become something I can't get out of bed without thinking about. 
If you've ever picked up an old family album and tears came to your eyes, you understand why I do what I do. Photographs transport us to times we can't physically revisit. I'm grateful for the photos of family I miss, pets I will never forget, and places that made me who I am. 
My goal is to capture images that make you feel warm and provide nostalgic feelings for years to come.


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